Lead-Based Paint Inspection

A nation-wide effort is currently underway to reduce exposure to lead in paints and soil. Exposure to lead is a serious public health problem, particularly for children under seven years of age. Lead is also a concern for construction personnel such as demolition workers, painters, and welders, who may be exposed to lead- containing dust during renovation and demolition activities.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has developed regulations for the testing and abatement of lead hazards from public housing units. Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has promulgated regulations to protect construction and paint removal workers.

CECI provides lead testing and consulting services for potential buyers, facilities owners and managers, public housing agencies, developers, apartment building owners, lenders, schools, and daycare centers. CECI assists in identifying current and potential hazards that may arise during disturbance of paint. These activities include demolition, sanding, scraping, abrasive blasting, and burning.


Samples are obtained following established government protocols and may also include soil and dust sampling to determine if lead paint or hazardous dust levels are present. CECI uses X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrum analyzers, a non-destructive sampling and analysis methodology, is the most cost effective way to test paints for lead on all survey projects, to determine lead content of suspect paint, dust, and soil.


CECI analyzes the test data, recommends the most effective method to control exposures to lead, and develops appropriate remediation or exposure control strategies. Various alternatives to control lead exposure in buildings or on construction sites include development of safe-work practices, engineering controls, and worker protection procedures. For multifamily housing, schools, and daycare centers, recommended exposure-control measures may include management-in-place, component replacement, paint removal, encapsulation, or enclosure.


CECI provides project design services and prepares specifications for construction and remediation projects. CECI monitors and manages the project on the client’s behalf, providing services that include:

  • specification and regulatory compliance inspections
  • containment inspections
  • review of worker protection and personal monitoring results
  • air monitoring
  • visual inspections or wipe testing at project completion
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