Asbestos Consulting

Federal, State, and Local regulations hold building owners and employers responsible for protecting employees, occupants, and outside contractors from exposure to asbestos. CECI helps clients comply with these regulations by conducting building surveys, providing comprehensive assessment reports and management programs.

CECI’s asbestos surveys locate asbestos-containing materials and determine whether the asbestos poses a hazard to building occupants, employees, and construction workers.

Data collected during the survey is incorporated into a report that includes:

  • laboratory test results
  • asbestos location, description, and quantity
  • material assessment
  • recommendations for response actions
  • diagrams and drawings indicating material and sample locations

CECI develops creative, cost-effective solutions to asbestos problems, including public relations support and oversight of the asbestos abatement project from initial planning through final documentation.


Having designed over hundreds of abatement projects, CECI understands the importance of producing contract documents that spell out:

  • a well-defined scope of work which enables contractors to provide accurate bids and prevent change orders
  • contract terms which include insurance and bonding requirements to ensure the work is properly performed and protect clients from potential claims
  • work procedures that ensure safety and regulatory compliance
  • detailed cleanup procedures to ensure a safe work area for reoccupancy


CECI oversees every aspect of the abatement process and ensures that:

  • the contractor is following procedures required by the technical specifications
  • the project is on schedule and within budget
  • containment and decontamination facilities are properly constructed
  • asbestos materials are all properly removed
  • documentation is provided verifying that the air outside the containment remains uncontaminated throughout the project and that the area is safe for reoccupancy
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